Download YouTube Vanced v13.34.50 APK Ads Free

Download YouTube Vanced v13.34.50 APK - What is youtube vanced? This is an application to watch favorite videos on youtube that run it even though you are running another application. In other words, you can still listen and run youtube without stopping if you want to run other applications such as social media and others.

As we know, when you are on youtube using the native Android application, when a message comes in and we try to open it, the video we are watching will be disconnected. And must open the youtube application again if you want to continue.

Luckily there are many creative developers who can answer all the desires of android users by presenting this Youtube Vanced application.

  • No need to root to install
  • No need to uninstall official YouTube can install as secondary YouTube.
  • Works on Chromecast.
  • All methods of embezzling new ads
  • Simplified mod to enable background playback
  • Activate / Deactivate background playback via Settings
  • Force the VP9 Codec option for better video quality and less bandwidth usage (Settings > IYTBP Settings)
  • Override Max Resolution Limit (Settings > IYTBP Settings)
  • Selected Video Quality Switch (WiFi / Data) (Settings -> IYTBP Settings)
  • Activate / Deactivate Card Info on video (Settings > IYTBP Settings)
  • Enable / Disable Card Suggestions on video (Settings > IYTBP Settings)
  • Activate / Deactivate the channel imaging watermark on the video (Settings > IYTBP Settings)
  • Pinch to zoom is enabled on all devices
  • With the help of modded microG, Login & Casting functions with all features (no ads on external devices that are not guaranteed)

Do you want to try it? Please get it by downloading it via the link below