CM Security Premium v4.6.8

Providing extra security for your Android Smartphone is absolutely necessary. Because various cyber crimes continue to look for space to damage whatever you have. When you are browsing, playing games, taking pictures, live cam, even when Android is offline, they continue to look for gaps. When you are off guard, everything will be eaten by them.

In addition, do you know that every second of garbage from applications running on your Android continues to accumulate? the longer it will continue to spend the remaining space, so when you want to take a video you can be surprised by the warning "Your memory space is running out".

Do you also like to surf with extra protection? Well, to maintain the confidentiality of using a VPN is very important, because VPN will encrypt the IP Address that you use and you can surf without fear that your information is known by others.

Of course you don't want all that to happen to your favorite Android right? Well the answer is CM Security. Why do you need CM Security? Because the smart application has been designed to overcome all the usual problems with a smartphone. Enough with CM Security application, you can be comfortable without any fear. Because CM Security will continue to help fix problems on your Android, even if you don't ask for it.

But you can only get CM Security's advanced features if you have the premium version, and to get the premium version, of course you have to spend money to pay for it. Oh no! Take it easy, here I will share the CM Security Premium v4.6.8 application free of charge to you. Simply by downloading and installing it. So you can enjoy premium features without having to spend a dime.

Main Features of Security Master:

Smart Diagnosis - Antivirus, Garbage Cleaning, and Mobile Accelerator
Our large button design has been upgraded to diagnose your cellphone intelligently and provide the solution you need most.
Antivirus - Keeping your cellphone and your privacy safe from viruses & malware, powered by number 1 Antivirus Engine.
Junk Cleaning - intelligently scans and discards junk files, including system and application cache files with just one tap.
Mobile Phone Accelerator, Battery Saver and CPU Cooler - Throw away background applications that take up a lot of memory usage, heat up your cellphone and drain your battery, to optimize and speed up your phone's performance.

Safe VPN SafeConnect

Security Master (by CM) presents free high-speed VPN, proxy & antiblock solutions. With SafeConnect VPN, you can easily cross firewalls, access sensitive websites, and watch videos that are not anonymously available in your country without being tracked. Use our proxy server to hide your IP address and use virtual locations, protect your online activities to secure online banking information, personal messages, and your web browsing history from leaks. Connect to our free VPN in one tap! Without registration!

Message Security

Security Messages (by CM) hide notifications in real time to protect your provocation. it collects all chat notifications as a whole and makes it easier to read & manage.

Application lock

AppLock - Lock Bluetooth & Wi-Fi redirects, incoming calls, applications, photos, or personal data with patterns, PIN codes, or fingerprints.
Selfie Intruder - Take photos of troublemakers who try to infiltrate your cellphone. The AppLock feature protects the privacy of your application's use of snooping. (Disruptive selfie for lock screen requires device administrator permission)
Disguise cover - Disguise the lock screen so that no one knows that you have activated applock, while keeping your secrets & privacy safe.