Simple Pinger an application for stable network

Some of you certainly never get annoyed with internet network which is always slow and long in surfing the internet or when playing games, either because of interference from a passing aircraft at a glance or indeed the internet provider is being impaired,  immediately you guys surely pissed off and want it feels like slamming your smartphone, especially if it happens when you guys again the war either in the mobile gaming legend or the coc (clash of clan).

Well this time the Bestapkandroid will give you some tips so that you guys always get stable internet network, at least the internet network can maintain you guys keep on to help in order not to listlessness, certainly the bestapkandroid sure you guys ever login facebook, twiter, instagram but not streets or stuck along time, create upset and fly off the handle, especially when you have to reply to a Dm someone you love.

The application of this one useful for stabilizing your internet network, the way of using them is quite easy, you just have to fill in the Host that you want to ping, and after you specify the hosts that you will ping, you can click start and then you click the home button in order for the process of the pinger didn't stop. host that is often used is " " but it did not become a benchmark or if the host does not unduly affect the internet you can replace " " with another host, you just find another host on the internet and a lot.

By using this application Bestapkandroid sure your internet connection using either wifi or data will be more stable because the application will continue to seek a stable and network to surf the internet or play games will increasingly fun.

Feature of simple pingler
  • Shows the internal and external ip
  • Make your network more stable
  • Size small so save your internal
  • Easy of use with one click
  • Tell now whether connection is weak, good, or bad

Now that he's a network stabilizer application is very helpful for those of you often surf in virtual world or online gaming. all this may be useful, if you like this article please share it to your friends.