How to Mute the Video on Android Smartphone - Watch video from the smartphone is indeed fun. In addition to flexible you can do anywhere, watch the video on Smartphone are indeed exclusive because only you an enjoy your personal impressions on the smartphone.

However, problems sometimes arise when you forgot to bring your headset device. When the video you want to watch is adult video, and you want to watch it in a public place (for example in a trip on the train), it will be so embarrassed when the sound of the video sounds of others.

It was not rare. We as smartphone users sometimes forget to adjust the volume of the most slow or even no sound. We would certainly be embarrassed if sound video not duly heard someone else even gets around very fast.

How to Mute the Video on Android Smartphone

To avoid embarrassing the above happen to you, this time I will share tips that can prevent it from happening. I will share tips on how to remove the sound of the video on Android smartphones. How to do? Just follow the steps below:

Install an application Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert MP3 that you can get at no cost in Store or for free.

Open the application > select options  "Mute" on the menu   "videos ".

Select the video you'd like to ' secure '.

Once selected, the application will automatically start the process of removing the votes are there in the video the Video in a ruinous > without sound and secure you see in the crowd though.

End Of Word:
That's how to remove the sound of the video at all. Although this powerful way to ' secure ' you while watching adult videos, I personally suggest that you may not often – often watched videos of the sort. Better you frequently watch video manifestation of which is in the channel of YouTube that could make you gain insight.