Device Info HW+-v4.8.0_build_67 - Best Apk

For those of you who have purchased the new smartphone, Surely there is a curiosity about smartphone hardware specifications info you guys, but to know the specifications of the smartphone,not funny if you have to disassemble the smartphone you guys, well, for it was in this article bestapk will share to you the application to check the detailed specifications of the smartphone you guys and you don't need to disassemble the smartphone to figure it out.

well here it is guys, the application name, Device Info HW - is the application of information hardware and software for Android devices. This application can detect components of your smartphone to provide complete information about device hardware owned by each type of smartphone. in this version of the application can detect the LCD screen, touch screen, camera, sensors, memory, flash, audio, nfc, Wi-fi, the charger and the battery from the device you have.

You can go through the tabs or use the navigation pane. you just simply clicking another tab or menu to find out info on the specs of your smartphone in detail.